About Leeann

With over 25 years in the beauty industry, specifically hair and makeup, Leeann brings a dedication and commitment to the her work that is unparalleled. A lifelong learner, Leeann continues to raise her bar to study current trends and techniques.

┬áLeeann’s education is extensive. Learn from the best.
18 yrs as a business owner
6+ years Permanent Makeup Artist
Permanent Makeup Certification
A+ Ocean Removal Certification
LiFT Removal Certification
Botched Ink Removal Certification
Advanced Brow Mapping Certification
Girlz Ink Needle Certification
Advanced Machine Techniques Certification
Advanced Stardust Eyeliner Techniques Certification
Advanced Ombre Brow Techniques Certification
Advanced Aquarelle Lip Techniques Certification
Henna Brow Certification
Lacquer Brow Lamination Certification

In Leeann’s words…..

“Why I do what I do…
I have always loved the beauty industry, right from my first Barbie doll. I tried to curl her plastic hair with a real curling iron on high. Hair and makeup have been a passion of mine ever since the singed Barbie hair.

The opportunity to have my own small business and work around a busy family schedule has proved invaluable over the last few years and when I started experiencing physical limitations from standing static all day long, I knew I needed to switch things up a bit and add services that would allow me to sit part of the day.

I had my own brows cosmetically tattooed a few years before and it literally changed my whole life. I was a makeup artist so it wasn’t stressful adding brows to my face daily, but the lack of having to do it was a total game changer.

Confidence was never an issue for me, but I could see how an effortlessly polished look would be an asset to many. Little did I know the can of worms I would be opening. I never even thought of people suffering from medical hair loss (cancer, alopecia, etc) or medication side effects… then there’s surgical side effects, and the list goes on. The reaction from clients who have struggled for one reason or another is something that I will never tire of – adding joy to someone’s life, no matter what the reason or how small is what keeps me striving to learn and do more.

Fast forward a few (or more) years and aging has taken it’s toll – along with the inevitable brow hair loss. “